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Good news! Sue is awake and moving all her extremities. She still has the ventilator tubes in, so she can’t talk yes, and by evening she’s pretty frazzled and tired, but she is awake! Thank God – and everyone who has been praying for her! I think she has a long road ahead of her, but she can do it. The biggest problem right now is her lungs. With the emphysema she’s had for a few years, they’re having trouble getting her off the ventilator. Last week, she was off for about 14 minutes, yesterday and today she made it 37 minutes. She has to go at least an hour or more in order to get moved out of ICU and be able to keep her O2 sats up. Hopefully by next week. Smitty thinks by this weekend, but I think it’s going to take more time. If oxygen is the only thing she goes home on, she can really count herself as a very lucky girl. She suffered a sudden cardiac death at home that night, they resuscitated her in the ambulance but then she coded again, they resuscitated her again, but once she got to the hospital she coded again. Angels were watching over her that evening! We just have to wait and see if there are any problems with being oxygen deprived for 3-4 minutes while waiting for the squad… She still has a hard row to hoe, but she can do it.

Dorothy went home Tuesday. I’m still recovering. Doing all that running around in one week was hard, a little harder than I thought it would be. I’ll be fine, it just is taking me a few days! I miss her, wish she was back… Oh the ties of family that take you away from your friends and then keep you from going back. I totally understand. She’s lucky enough to have Madison every weekend. If I had Hailey ever weekend, I wouldn’t want to leave either!


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3 Sept 2013 – a.m.

Dorothy is getting ready to go. Her suitcase is a little lighter since Heidi decided to eat her chocolate covered cherry bar. Darn dogs! I heard snarling, which is totally out of character for my dogs, no seriously, and found Ben running out of Dorothy’s room so I went in to investigate and found Heidi munching through the wrapper trying to get the cherry… She snarled at me too, but she got her nose popped so she would drop it. She’s now in exile from my bedroom. No bad dogs allowed!!! I’m trying not to be sad here, is it working?

I let Buttercup out about half an hour ago and the cicadas are actually quiet! I couldn’t hear them at all. I’m wondering if I’m just deafened from the loudness of the past month or so, but I really think they were quiet. Amazing. Gross little creatures, I’ll be glad when they’re gone for the winter! By the time their next 17-year cycle begins maybe I really won’t be able to hear them!

That’s it for now. No phone calls from the hospital or anything. Smitty told Steve today he was going to go in and ask for family leave today and if they wouldn’t give it to him he was going to quit. Now that’s not good… Don’t quit the job that pays the insurance! Even if Sue’s has the insurance… I’m worried about them. Thank goodness their house is paid for!

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